A whip round for allegra

Let’s whip round for Allegra

It was never her intention

To make light of Covid rules 

That were being followed by the nation

And as our loved ones died alone

And we mourn the daily losses

This plucky woman Allegra danced

With a raft of Tory tossers.

Let’s whip round for Allegra

Whatever shall we buy?

Lets ask the chancellor Rishi

He seems a knowledgeable guy

And after all they are great friends

He even gave her a job

In Strategic Communications

Yearly wage of 120,000 bob.

She’s also close with Carrie 

Johnson’s latest beau

So must be feeling sacrificial

In this latest puppet show.

We must send her a present

Although she says ‘She will regret 

the comments all her days’

I have a feeling she may well forget.

So a gift to Allegra is needed

To put upon her mantle piece

So when time heals and she starts to move on

She remembers her press release.

So let’s whip round for Allegra

A gold watch or a mantle clock

A reminder of all her service

As press secretary to that cock.

Aly Lou Smith


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